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Intel core i9 processor review

The Intel Core i9 processor is unarguably the fastest gaming processor you can ever get and it is also a step up in terms of mainstream processors with massive multi-threading performance. 

The Intel Core i9 processor was released for both desktop and mobile markets. Intel with the launch of the Core i9, not only added to its mainstream desktop range with a new high-end tier, but it also added an additional pair of cores to the newly built Coffee Lake Lineup.

There is no better way to take your creativity to the next level than with the Intel Core i9 processor because of how it is equipped with up to 5GHz and 16-way multitasking which gives you the power you need to create, edit, and share.

The performance of this processor is top-notch and it is way smarter and faster than the previous Intel editions. It also features a Hyper-Threading technology which enables it to process two threads simultaneously which makes it have faster performance.

For those who want to dabble in programs that need a wealth of computing power, the Intel Core i9 processor is ideal for them. Or you are trying to assemble a great gaming computer, you can also go for the option of using the Intel Core i9 processor for your motherboard.

Another speed-related enhancement you will notice in the Core i9 is the Intel Turbo Boost Technology. With the Turbo feature, you will no longer have the need to get worried over your processor overheating because once the processor reaches a certain temperature, the feature will make it end.

The Intel Core i9 processor also comes with an Intel Optane memory which helps to speed up your computer’s responsiveness by remembering your frequently used applications, documents, and application. 

All computers use a RAM to get hold of the computer’s recent activities temporarily. But once the power of the computer goes off, everything is wiped off the computer. This is not the same as the Intel Optane memory.

It remembers your activities even after the computer is shut off. This is because it stores the data in an area that is closer to the processor physically and so the data can then be easily and quickly transferred to the core with a speed time twice that of an average speed time.

The main features of the Intel Core i9 processor include 16MB cache, 8 cores, and 16b threads, it can generate 50.0 W of heat more than that of the Core i8 processor with a base frequency that is 1.7GHz faster. The Intel Core i9 processor speeds up to 5.0GHz.

In all, the Intel Core i9 processor is the latest upgrade of the core series and it is the best ideal processor when you are looking for a processor with overclocking capabilities, stability-centric speed boosts, and UHD graphic cards

This is also ideal for programmers and high-level gamers because you will not need to be worried about having a hanging system since the processor can simultaneously process a number of complex tasks.

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