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Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Nigeria and many African countries are seen by foreigners and people of the western world who have not visited the region before as countries that are full of chaos, dirt, and primitive. Contrary to what these people read online, Nigeria is one of the best countries to live and visit in Africa for good reasons.

The country is blessed with great natural resources, good weather, climate devoid of natural disasters, and good tourist attraction sites. There are 36 states in the country with each having its unique culture and tradition that defines them.

Nigeria is a very peaceful and accommodating country and contrary to the general opinion that the country is faced with security challenges, the truth is that out of the 36 states of the country only 4 states are faced with threats from Boko Haram insurgents while the rest states are peaceful except for some communal clashes sometimes. The 4 states faced with threats from the Boko Haram insurgents include Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, and Gombe.

All the most beautiful cities in Nigeria are currently not affected by the insurgents. This list will focus on the 10 most beautiful Nigerian cities though not in any particular order. There are pictures also attached so that you can have an idea of how these cities look like.

So if you are considering visiting any Nigerian city or you wish to relocate, then these cities are actually places you can go to have fun to see the nature that the cities can afford.

In no particular order, we present to you the 10 most beautiful Nigerian cities.


Apart from being a commercial hub and centre of business activities, Lagos is also one of the most beautiful Nigerian cities. The city has big structures used for offices and a very good road network.

Lagos is no doubt a center of commerce, excellence, fun, and relaxation in Nigeria. Night view in Lagos is exceptional as the place is always lite up because of the operation if Night clubs in the city. Lagos can be seen as the liveliest city in Nigeria.


Abuja being the administrative capital of Nigeria has attracts many foreign investors because of the infrastructures found in the city. If you have not visited Abuja, then you are yet to see the real beauty of the country. The road network in Abuja is excellent.

Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria because it is the most developed and organized city in Nigeria with lots of recreation centres, five-star hotels, and world-class shopping malls.


Calabar is not just one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria but also the most peaceful in the country. The security in the state is tight as the government ensures that lives and properties in the state are safe.

The city is also a center of tourist attraction because it has some of the finest landscapes and nature. The Calabar carnival is probably the best carnival in Nigeria.

The carnival attracts lots of visitors because the yearly event showcase the beauty of the people, their diverse cultural attires, and the events are always colourful with beautiful and colourful costumes. Calabar is the capital of Cross River State in the South-South region of Nigeria.

  • UYO

Uyo is the capital of Akwa-Ibom state.  The road network in Uyo is well planned with no visible potholes and there are solar systems planted to give light to the road during the night.

Uyo is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria because it is blessed with scenic attractions, unique and beautiful cuisines, nice infrastructures, and a secured environment to live in.

Uyo is also home to a multi-billion naira ultra-modern stadium which mostly hosts the Super Eagle of Nigeria during both friendly and international matches. 


The City has the same name as the state and it is also the state capital. Enugu is dominated by the Igbo speaking people. The development of the city has not been stagnant with beautiful structures and nice topography.

Enugu is the most beautiful city in Igbo land with a great and exciting social life. The city and road network is well planned.  Security, Serenity, and Luxury describe the lifestyle of residents in Enugu. 


Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers state, a South-South state of Nigeria. Port Harcourt is also known as the garden city because it is one of the cities in Nigeria meant for the wealthy class in Nigeria and because it is a city with lush greenery and aesthetic landscape.

For those with the love of aqua life and waterfronts, then Port Harcourt is the right destination because it is a coastal city that has scenic shorelines. Port Harcourt is not only one of the most beautiful Nigerian cities but also the wealthiest because it is a home for many multinational companies that deal with oil.


Warri is the biggest and most beautiful city in Delta state despite not being the state capital. Most development of the state is being shifted to Warri at the expense of Asaba the state capital.

Warri is also the commercial hub for business activities in the state. You can drive around the city without encountering any pothole as the road network of the city is top-notch. Warri is also an oil city with some companies and industries that deal with products from crude oil.


Kaduna is another city in Nigeria that shares the same name with the state and it double as the state capital. Kaduna is the most beautiful city in the north after Abuja. The city is the home to Kajuru Castle, a castle built in the same manner as the European castles.

Kajuru is a centre tourist attraction in Nigeria and Africa’s best-kept secret. Kaduna is a peaceful city contrary to reports from media and news agencies because it is near to Abuja.

For those that wish to catch up with the culture of the Northern people, then Kaduna is a good destination. Kaduna is one of the most beautiful Nigerian cities because of its fine infrastructures, good road network, and nice climate.


Akure is the capital city of Ondo State in the South-Western part of Nigeria. Akure makes it to the list of 10 most beautiful Nigerian cities because it is home to various natural attractions, appreciable topography, and the development there has been something noteworthy.

Akure is known as a Millennium City. Some of the major assets of Akure include immense mineral potential, cocoa farms, rocks and beautiful landscapes, a deep-sea container port, and several federal universities.

  • JOS

The city of Jos is the capital of Plateau state and also known as the City of Captivating Landscape and natural beauty. Jos completes the list of the 10 most beautiful Nigerian cities because it boasts of a number of places of tourist attractions including two museums, a game reserve, breathtaking waterfalls, a wildlife park, striking hills, and rocks. Jos is a nice place to stay with family and the city is peaceful except for a few times when there are community clashes there.

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