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Samsung Galaxy S20 review

For some years now, the Samsung brand has been producing quite unique products in the world of Android. Samsung has consistently produced a lot of flagship phones without obvious flaws and the Samsung Galaxy S20 is not an exception.

Anybody with the intention of buying a Galaxy S20 knows exactly what to expect and Samsung does not disappoint in this regard as they wouldn’t want to mess up the good name they have been building over the years.

With the Samsung Galaxy S20, you get to experience massive upgrade, especially if you are too eager to lay your hands on your first 5G phone. Although it is just a 6.2-inch screen device, it has a fast 120Hz refresh rate with a big battery to boot.

Here, we will give you a short review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 based on its performance, battery life, camera, design, and display.

Performance and Software

There are two types of chipset used to power the Galaxy S20 and the location you live in determines the version you will get. The Qualcomm’s top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset is designed for US residents while the high-end Exynos 990 is designed for the rest of the world.

The Galaxy S20 is designed powerfully to person any task you want it to such as loading any application quickly and playing any kind of game because of its 8GB and 12GB RAM. It is also running an Android 10 OS, the latest of Google’s Operating System.

The storage of the device is limited to 128GB which is actually ideal for an average user but you can decide to upgrade it up to 1TB using the microSD card slot. The download rate is also very fast, thanks to the 5G feature added to it.

Design and Display

The Galaxy S20 may come with a small size of 6.2-inch display but it still maintains its max resolution just as other recent Samsung Galaxy S models. It has a default resolution of Full HD+ (2220x1080) which still looks sharp and allows smooth scrolling and animations.

With a 120Hz refresh-rate display, you get to enjoy a better experience using the Galaxy S20, especially during mobile gaming. This will also put you at a better advantage than your opponent since scrolling will be smoother and faster.


With its high-spec cameras on both sides of the device, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the best bet when it comes to picture quality and photo/video shooting.

It comes with an interesting telephoto camera with a whopping 64MP resolution with a 3x optical zoom. This is actually a massive improvement compared to previous versions. The main camera still remains at 12MP with an f/1.8 aperture which can be compressed from all three cameras.

By default, the camera shoots at 12MP but you can switch to 64MP for some extra experience. It also has a super steady video feature. In all, the Samsung Galaxy S20 camera is an upgrade of the previous Galaxy series.


Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a healthy battery life with a 4,000mAh power pack that is capable of serving you for a whole day under normal usage. It also has a fast-charging feature that can make your phone get to 100% from zero when within an hour especially when you have the right charger setup.

You should note that due to the 5G feature added and the fact that you may want to maximize the full potentials of the phone, you may need to always stay connected to your charger since these things actually drain the battery.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a great choice for you if you wish to lay hands on your first 5G enabled device and you have a desire for a top-end camera. It is also very comfortable and easy to use the device and a good choice for those who want to have a wonderful gaming experience.



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