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Best Five places to stay in Benin


Benin hotel

Benin City is an ancient city and the capital of Edo state. The ancient city is known for its rich cultural values and heritage. 

The Bini people take their tradition seriously because they believe it is what keeps them together. They celebrate festivals annually and the most popular festival celebrated by the Benin people is the Igue Festival. It is a festival where the king celebrates the history of the people, after which he prays and blesses the people.

Oil production from palm nuts is a significant industry in Benin and the city is the center of rubber production in the country. Benin is located approximately 40KM north of the river Benin and about 320km by road east of Lagos.

Benin is a hub for commercial activities as there are markets all over the city which makes it easy for business activities to be carried out.  The people of Benin have four market days which include Agbado, Ekenaka, Eken, and Ekioba.

The city of Benin can experience big traffic sometimes because the road of Benin links states from the southwestern part of Nigeria to the southeast states.

Benin is a home of both traditional and foreign delicacies. For example, the pepper rice which cannot be said to be particularly indigenous to the Benin people but it is a delicacy that is found in almost all restaurants or eateries in Benin. When you are in Benin, you can walk to any restaurant to have a taste of this meal.

Many people see Benin as a dry place that is not full of activities. This may be due to the location and time which the person stays in Benin. 

Contrary to what most people believe, there are lively and busy places in Benin where you can stay or visit for the purpose of site seeing, having fun, or using there as your temporary place of residence. These places have what it takes to make one's day go well.


Ugbowo is a top choice for many people especially the youths being that it is a student residential area. It is the area where the prestigious University of Benin is located. 

The place is always busy and lively because of the activities of students.  Students who get admitted to the university can rent one of the lodges to stay or any other young person that wishes to stay close to the students can also rent a lodge for as low as Thirty Thousand Naira (30,000) only for a single room apartment or for as low as Fifty Thousand Naira (50,0000) only for a self-contain apartment.

Food Items can be gotten at cheaper rates. Beware that cult activities can become almost unbearable sometimes because it is an area majorly occupied by students.


For those people that don’t like a noisy environment or that like a quiet and serene environment, then the Government Reserved Area, GRA as it is popularly called is just okay for them. Life in the GRA is quiet but can be quite expensive. 

Security in the GRA is tight so residents don’t need to worry much about petty thieves or criminals that go about intimidating people because there is no room for that.

Good accommodation for a moderate family starts from Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (350,000) only and Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Naira and above for a three-bedroom flat.

For those who are on a short visit to Benin and decide to spend a night or two in the GRA can lodge in Royal Marble hotels or Meridian lodge.

These hotels have good and classy facilities that can make anybody’s night memorable. The environment is fully secured and they have good bars and restaurants for quality meals.

Other hotels and lodges can also offer quality services include Lincx Cuisine, Excalibur Benin Hotel, Boston Hotel & Suites, Kenbrill Hyatt Hotel, etc. GRA can also be a place for fun lovers because the area has some clubs that host night parties and serve as relaxation centers for Nightcrawlers.


The Benin kingdom is well known for its bronze casting and other artworks. Igun-Eronmwon Quarters is a place for lovers of arts and those that will like to know a thing or two about the history of the Benin kingdom tradition and arts exploits.

Igun-Eronmwon still holds many cultural values of the Bini people.  Most houses in the street are still built with muds but they still stand tall and strong. Igun-Eronmwon is most famous for its brass casting and wood carving as it was listed as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

Though buildings in this area are very old except for a few newly built houses, the place is worth staying as it gives more details about the people of Benin and their culture.

There are old men and women who are not tired of talking about the history of the Benin people and what distinguishes Igun-Eronmwon from other communities.

Before now, people were restricted from staying in the area except for those who are into the art of brass carving or those who are indigenes of Igun-Eronmwon.  Because of the old structures of the buildings, houses are cheap in Igun-Eronmwon.


Ring road is a place of commercial activities in Benin City. Ring road is one of the busiest streets in Benin as it mostly occupied by traders who come to Benin to do business.

Ring road is surrounded by other streets like Lagos streets and Ibiwe. Ring road is on our list because it is a place that provides job opportunities for those who want both daily and monthly jobs. There are many stores and shops where different things are sold there. 

Ring road is also a place for relaxation and having fun as the National Museum Benin is located there. Ring road has a good road network, fair power supply, and easy access to water.


The last on our list of places you can stay in Benin is Sapele road. Sapele road in Benin City is not too quiet or too noisy; it’s just an ideal area for the middle-class people located in the very heart of Benin City.

The popular Kada plaza is located at Sapele road. Kada is one of the coolest and most visited places in Benin. It is a center of entertainment, enjoyment, and relaxation.

There are many things you can do in Kada plaza when you decide to have fun there. Things you can do in Kada plaza include, watching the best of adventure movies at the cinema, stopping by the Kung Fu restaurant to have a nice meal of any Chinese cuisine and other continental dishes, have a body massage and professional body treatment, enjoy cool music and also play some games at the sports bar.

There are other relaxation centers and hotel s that can be found along Sapele road.

One room self-contain costs about Ninety Thousand (90,000) Naira only while two-bedroom and three-bedroom flats go for Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand (250,000) Naira and Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) Naira only respectively.

If you consider owning a property of your own there, then you can get a plot of land for about Three Million (3,000,000) Naira only and a newly built two or three-bedroom flat costs about Twenty to Twenty-Five Million Naira only.


These are the best places you can choose from if you have the intention of living in the ancient city of Benin City. You can decide to go for the most affordable on for you and be sure of getting as much comfort as possible even as you ensure your stay in the city.

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