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Best Private Primary Schools in Akure


Akure schools

Laying a good foundation is very important in the development of any society or nation. Charity they say begins at home but another place where young kids can get trained and equipped for the future is the school. 

Going to a good primary school can help in the shaping of a child’s future. We decided to list the best private primary school in Akure for those that have the intention of moving to Akure or those that wish to change the schools of their kids from the public to private. 

The list includes private primary schools in Akure that have qualified teachers capable of imparting the right knowledge to their pupils, standard teaching facilities, and good playgrounds that help pupils to be fit both physically and mentally.


Mummy’s Place Schools offer both nursery and primary education to pupils whose parents are looking for a school where the future of their children can have a good foundation in terms of learning and character. 

Mummy’s place was established with the main aim of providing a foundational background to kits in other for them to start learning what it takes to become good citizens of the country even at a tender age. The school was founded on 1st August 2001.

Saddled with the responsibility of training kids into being future leaders, they have put in good use modern facilities which will aid the growth of their pupils both physically and intellectually. They have a big playground where pupils go to have fun during break time.

The school is located in Plot 4, Alagbaka, Oba Ile Road, Akure. Ondo State. If you desire to enroll your child in the school, you can buy their application form for 3000 naira only in the school premises.


 Premiere Royale International School cannot be considered as just a primary school, but a citadel for modeling of pupils unto high level of moral standard. 

Their priorities include giving all children under their care the training required to meet the 21st century educational standard with much love and care. 

If you are interested in knowing the activities of your kids while in school, Premiere Royale International School always communicates with parents through their “Activities Trackers” to keep parents updated about their kids' works in school.

To register your kids to their school, you can do that by checking the requirements for each class from the school administration office. The school is located at Premiere Royale International School 7-9, Orimolade Street, Ijapo Estate, Akure.


 Legally registered in September 2007 but incorporated in 2012, The American and British Christ International School is a K-12 institution that serves as a study center for demonstration of ideas and they are committed to ending the high level of illiteracy, poor knowledge in science and technology by providing standard equipment to aid easy learning for the students.

The institution examines its students by giving them Cambridge International Examinations, and College Board Test.


St. Louis Nursery and Primary School is one of the best primary school in Akure. They have the vision of nurturing young children into nation builders. They develop their pupils to have confidence and self-esteem. 

They have games facilities where the children can play. They also organize series of events that make the children exposed to nature even in at their tender age. They go on excursions at least once a term which makes the pupils have knowledge about the nation and about our natural resources. 

The school is located at Ondo road close the Isikan market. You can always go there for more inquiries.

5. Ileri Ayo Primary School

With over 20 years of experience, Ileri Ayo Primary school can also be considered as one of the best private primary schools in Akure. Established in 1994, Ileri Ayo has been able to produce pupils who have excelled in their different courses of study both in the secondary and tertiary institution levels.

They help children find their potentials even while they are still kids. They have well-trained teachers that take the pupils like their own children showing them love and care. 

For admission purposes, you can contact the Head Teacher in the school located at 26 IK Ojo street off Akure High School, Akure.


Are you new to Akure? Do you have kids you wish to start their basic education in the state? if the answer to any of the questions here is yes, then this post is for you.

Any of the listed schools above is just perfect for your kids to start with as they have the best teaching and learning facilities. They also get access to recreational activities to spice their learning process.

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