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Best Water Guns for kids 2020


During the summer, one source of excitement for children is the water gun which they use for playful battles using the coolest weapon of their choice. While they can use a good old-fashioned water balloon, water guns are better tools to get the job done.

Inexpensive water guns are a great and safe way for kids to have endless funs. Even adults can join them in having a nice time. It can be used in a game of water tag and used to squirt your friends at random. No matter how you choose to use your water gun, you are sure to always have long-term fun with these super soakers.

Water wars are the most popular use of water guns. These can be water battles between friends and family members which involves an unlimited amount of people. These battles don’t really have rules but they are done strictly for fun. You can make rules for your own, but it doesn’t really matter at the end. The whole essence is to have fun.

Types of Water Guns

There are many types of water guns out there for you to choose from. We list some of the best types of water guns you can find so that you can be able to choose the one that will suit the purpose which you intend to buy it for. Most of the water guns you can find are generally classified under one of the three types we list below. Note that some water guns can have features of more than one of the types.

1.       The Water Pistol

This type of water gun is the equivalent of the normal pistol but it is light, small, and easy to carry about. It is the perfect weapon you can choose if you want to sneak on someone. Just like other guns, they have varying features and level of quality to it. Some can shoot water at higher pressure levels while some can shoot water further than others can. It all depends on the one you desire to get.

The water pistol is very popular because it is relatively cheap and because of its light nature, it can be carried about or disposed of easily. Water pistols are great for pool parties or play as well as using them at the beach because you know that you will have access to tons of water with which you can always refill when you need it.

2.       Water Soakers

The water soaker is quite an opposite version of water pistol which is the equivalent of a rifle. The water soaker is the type of water gun that is big and bulky which can be spotted easily even from a mile away. It is less easy to sneak up on someone with it but they also have their own uses.

The water soaker shoots much farther than any water pistol would on average. It is also great because it lasts longer before it runs out. This means you do not need to refill it often. It has the pump which is one thing that sets a water soaker apart. The pump and so other mechanisms which have to be used in order to spray water onto your opponent come with it. This action can sometimes be hard on young ones or even adults, depending on the soaker.  This type of water gun is usually more expensive than the water pistol gun because it gives more opportunity to hit things. It is also more expensive because it comes in big and bulky size.

3.       Motorized Water Guns

Motorized water guns are another type of water gun that should be mention here. The motorized water gun has resemblance with a water soaker. This type of water gun is popular because you don’t have to do any pumping in order to shoot. This is the reason why it is a good option for kids. You should note that the motorized water gun does not have quite the same amount of pressure that soakers have, which means it cannot shoot as far as a soaker water gun can shoot. But it’s worth buying since you don’t need to pump so much to shoot.

One downside of the motorized water gun is that it makes use of batteries which will add more to your expenses since you will need to be changing them periodically.

Factors to Consider When Choosing water guns

Before you think of choosing a particular brand of water gun, there are some factors you need to consider to enable you to know which one will suit your purpose. Below are some factors you should consider when choosing water guns.

1.       Style or Substance

One important factor you should consider before choosing water guns is the style or substance because many guns give you either style or substance but not both. This is an unfortunate fact because there are many people that end up being disappointed when they get water guns that look cool but performs badly. There are nice looking water guns that can’t shoot further than 5 feet or they break easily. In any case, don’t ever assume that a water gun will be a great success in terms of doing what you want it to do simply because it is looking nice. Don’t judge based on packaging, marketing, or looks alone when you are looking for efficiency.

You can go for beautifully designed guns if the purpose of buying it is just for fancy but if you are looking for something more fun and durable, then you need to look beyond just looks.

2.       Water Gun Parts

The shell of the gun which is made from plastic is the first and obvious part. In many cases, water guns are made from this so that they can keep the prices down. This ensures that the guns are not easily broken, except you wish to break it intentionally.

Some other factors you need to consider is if the trigger of the water gun is nicely placed because the trigger (or sometimes something else) determines when the water is released from the gun.  The cap is also an important part of the gun because it must be sturdy and secure in order to prevent leaking.  The last part that is important is the pump which is instrumental because it will send the water on its way.

In all, always check the parts of the water guns before purchase. This will ensure that you take note of all the parts are functioning according to how you want them to.

3.       Tank Capacity

This is another factor to consider when choosing a water gun. One reason is that the more water the water gun holds, the more it will weigh. But the less water it holds, the quicker you will run out of water which means, you will need to be refilling more frequently.

An ideal water tank should be something you will not need to be refilling every 5 minutes but something you can keep on yourself while running. That means, it shouldn’t be too heavy to carry while lasting up to 10 to 15 minutes before refilling.

4.       For Kids or Adult?

Everybody enjoys playing with water guns, both kids and adult alike. So, one great factor that can affect your choice of water gun is if you are buying it for a kid or an adult. Companies producing these water guns would want to sell to as many people as humanly possible, but it has been recently observed that most water guns have been mainly targeting kids specifically.

The prices are considerably affordable because most parents may not want to spend too much money on their kids’ toys. This also resulted in the decrease in quality of some of these water guns. Most water guns are produced with only kids in mind, without consideration of adults.

However, brands like NERF have come to try and fill the gap. Hasbro’s brand too is also marketing more towards adults with more expensive and even better-looking products so that they can be patronized more by adults.

With this, before you buy any water gun, you will need to consider if you are buying it for kids or adults so that you will go for the less expensive ones in case it is for kids. And you can go for the more expensive ones if they are meant for adults.

Best Water Guns for Kids

You may be wondering which type of water gun you should buy or if there is a particular brand or kind that guarantees more fun over the other. Below are carefully researched and selected water guns you can use to have fun during your leisure time.


This product is for those looking for the ultimate super soaker. It launches its water up to a maximum of 70 feet. It also has the ability to shoot water up to 50 feet with a single shot even when the water gun is in its double-barrel mode. The gun’s barrel comes at different price points in several other sizes. You are free to use this long barrel water gun at the pool, in the backyard, in your boat or even at the beach.

Apart from its long-range features, the water gun is made in excellent quality materials which make it one of the best water guns for kids. The water gun is made out saturated colors and high-quality polymers that will not chip or peel off. This feature makes this gun ideal for long-term use.

The stream machine water gun can be instantly refilled and can be easily done by just submerging the barrel in water and pulling back the handle to replenish it. Another important feature of this gun is that it comes with a secondary 17-inch barrel that is capable of extending to 36-inches for the best soak.

Although the gun is easy to refill, there are complains that it requires multiple refills and has some leakage. But the overall quality of the product and its incredible range and power makes it one of the best water guns for kids.


This brand means serious business with the designing of this water gun. The Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster does not just blast water up to an impressive 25 feet, but can also switch up how your water is sprayed with its multiple shot patterns. You can have the option of switching one of four modes with this water gun.

You can choose either of Atomizer, Scattershot, Triple Shot or Jetstream mode. You can send 3 streams of water at your friends up to 25 feet away depending on which mode you choose, or you can choose to mist your friends with water with the Atomizer mode. To switch between various modes, all you have to do is to twist the knob on the gun.

The water gun is also able to hold up to 20 fluid ounces of water in its banana clip but if the 20 ounces of water is enough for you, you can decide to attach an extra banana clips around your waist for additional ammo.

Another reason why The Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster is listed among the best water guns for kids is that to enhance your blasting accuracy, the water gun comes equipped with a detachable stock. It is also extremely durable and comes in an attractive design. This versatile gun could be the right gun for you because it is of very good quality. With all these wonderful features, the price of this gun is very affordable which makes it simply amazing.


This is a well-known brand and one of the best in the toy gun industry. You can always count on the Nerf brand knowing how to make a water gun because they know how to make regular toy guns. As its name implies, the Nerf super soaker freezefire blaster comes equipped with water-freezing abilities which makes it do what it name says (freeze and blast). With this gun, you will be able to blast your friends with a frozen water mixture once you add ice to the water gun.

The water gun’s long-range water shots will enable you to impress your friends as well. The water gun is able to fire up to 38 feet because it comes equipped with a pump handle. It can also hold up to 23 fluid ounces of water.

This water gun is lightweight even with the gun’s ice-cube adding feature. It weighs about 12 ounces. Many customers are satisfied with this gun because, with all these features, it still comes at a very affordable price of about $25.

Although, there are minor complains about the water gun such as it leaks a bit when placed on its side and the fact that it doesn’t come with a trigger in addition to the blaster but it’s still among the best water guns for kids because of its other amazing features and its often looked upon as a favourite toy gun.


With its enhanced water stream barrel gun, the stream machine makes it into our list of the best water guns for kids. This gun comes with a different design (although slightly) to other many of the barrel water gun products. It is more sleek and edgy. Like some of the other barrel water guns, this water gun cans shoot water up to a range of 70 feet and it comes in a very attractive look.

This gun contains saturated colors and is made from superior quality polymers that will not chip or peel off. This water gun is available in brighter, neon-like versions of the colour orange, green, and blue.

Another feature that makes this product outstanding and set it a little further apart from others is its price. You can get it at a reasonable price of $15 but note that it comes as a single item, not in a pack.

This water gun can be reloaded quickly by simply submerging the barrel in water and pulling back the handle to fill it with water. Do note that you can experience issues with the water gun’s aiming ability but besides this, it is a recommended water gun for kids because it works efficiently and comes affordable, which is why we choose to recommend it.


With this water gun, you can get the ultimate super soaking experience. With its superior features, the Nerf super soaker breach blast makes blasting your friends with water an easy feat. The water gun can hold up to 50 fluid ounces of water, which is a higher storage capacity compared to what most water guns can offer. This water blaster can shoot water up to a range of 38 feet which makes reaching your opponents easy. It is a great product for kids to use because you can have fun shooting with this water gun with its easy-to-use fire to pump feature.

You can also easily leave your opponents drenched with an included water blaster. This Nerf product can be used at the beach, at a pool party or at the backyard of your home. It comes at an affordable price with amazing features.

You should note that it can be a little bit difficult for kids to carry when filled with water. This is because it comes with larger storage than most water gun products. But you can amazingly put it into gun use once the water reduces.


Just like its name, the Fun express fun certainly puts fun in water guns with this product. It comes in an assortment of 4 different cuddly sea creatures that you and your friends can choose from to play with. Another fun part is that you can provide a water gun to a variety of your friends as these water guns come in a pack of 12. You and your friends can choose from two types of sharks, a whale, or a dolphin to squirt water with. The 6 to 8-inch sea creature water guns are also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about carrying a water gun that is as big as a whale (no pun intended).

These nicely sized water guns ate perfect for use anywhere such as the beach, at the swimming pool, or at a backyard party especially where they are many kids around. The price of this water gun is what makes it one of the best around. It is available for $12 for a set of 12 water guns. How amazing it is. With just 3 sets, you can organize a party right?

The only issue this water gun has is the issue of leaking when filled but if you can maneuver your way into stopping the leaking of the water gun, then this product will just be perfect for you especially when you always have a lot of kids around. It’s colourful design and commendable water shooting makes it a good choice for kids.


The Stream Machine Company takes water shooting range as serious business with this product. This gun can shoot a jet of water up to a whopping 70 feet which your friends would not be able to dodge its long-range attack. The length of this water gun is impressively long; it measures at about 29 inches in length. When you are looking for a water gun you can use with a friend, then you need not to worry because this water gun comes in a set of two. You and your friend can have fun playing out in the ultimate water battle with this 2 pack water gun set conveniently.

This water gun comes in multiple colours which can make you feel free to choose any colour you want for your water gun to have it fully customized to your style. The colours you can get (but not limited to) are green, orange, blue or red.  You can also get this water gun for an affordable price of $27 for a pack of 2 water guns.


Just like Stream Machine water gun, the Water Sports brand also supports the trend of barrel style water guns with their product. It also comes in different colours which customers can choose from. As a customer, you can choose any colour from up to five colours as against four which most brands let you choose from. The colours include red, blue, orange, green and yellow. This water gun has the ability to shoot up a water stream range of 70 feet and comes in a size of 17 inches. With this water gun, you can be able to blast even your farthest friend.

This water gun comes conveniently in a pack of two, providing double fun for you and your friend. Another great feature about this gun is that although it is lightweight, it is very durable. It is also easy for anyone to carry; even a kid of 5 years can also use it for fun.

One downside of this water gun is that it can be tedious when refilling. But aside this, we recommend this product because of its convenience, durability, and affordability. You can get a set of two for about $24.


The Exsport brand is one of the best for designing a fun product that is serious about material design. The Exsport water squirt gun is designed from environmentally protected an ABS material which is known to be durable, strong, and impact resistant. With this gun, you do not need to worry about it breaking easily or shattering on you. This makes the water gun suitable for kids even as young as 3 years old to use (just ensure that they don’t try to swallow the water gun). This water gun comes in two colours which are blue and pink; it also comes in a pack of two.

This water gun actually comes with a real-working trigger, unlike many of the water gun brands. You can shoot instantly a long-distance stream of water because of the water gun’s quick-fire trigger. This specially made gun is designed out of harmless, BPA free non-toxic plastic. This water gun is solidly built which makes it truly a great toy gun for water parties, water battles with friends and any other outdoor activity.

One major concern about this product is the fact that leaks when filled but for its great design and values, it is still recommended for kids. The price is also very affordable as it is available for about $13. It is also lightweight which is why a kid of 3 years can hold it comfortably.


Water guns are perfect accessory for pool, beach, and outdoor trip in general but the fact is that it is not just restricted to that alone. There are actually water guns that can be used at home, such as during bath time.

With the Prextex brand, you can make a child’s bath time great with their Fireman water gun blaster. This water gun comes in a cool firearm design that has ability to attract any kid. The water gun even comes with a cool firearm hat for a kid to wear and can be carried as a backpack. This gun is great for kids because it can make them look cool while carrying this nifty water gun to any indoor or outdoor event.

Another feature that makes this water gun really awesome is the fact that you only have to fill the tank of the gun once and you will not need to refill over and over again. This allows kids enjoy a continuous session of water straying without the stress of refilling.

The water gun is super lightweight weighing only 4 ounces which makes it easy for everyone to carry, and it can shoot water up to a distance of 9 meters. This water gun too is without its own problems as the straps of the backpack can’t be adjustable making ill-fit for some kids but it is still a great choice for every family because of its trendy features and versatility.

How to fix the 3 most Common Problems of Water Guns

We have listed the best water guns you can get for your kids or even some adults. Although, each water gun has some features that make it an exception, however, each has problems associated with it. We try to educate you on how you can solve the three most common problems that are associated with almost all brands of water guns.

Little dribbling: When using water guns, it is expected that you may experience a little dribbling from time to time. This reason for this is that s string inside hasn’t succeeded in pushing the trigger back into its proper place. Either the spring or the trigger has somehow fallen off its groove. When such occurs, all it requires to fix this problem is a few pumps or a quick pull on the trigger to put it in place. You can actually feel the difference when the trigger slips back in its groove after it has been pulled.

Pump gets Jammed: If you are using a water gun and the pump gets jammed, the first thing you should do is to try to lubricate the pump with either vaseline, silicon, or spray. If this method does not work, you can then open the water gun with a screwdriver and check the screens inside for any clogs.

Minor Crack: If there is a minor crack on any part of the gun, you can seal the cracked part up with a can of Epoxy putty. Note that Epoxy putty is water-proof, which is the reason it is consistently used in plumping. It even works more effectively on water guns than any other adhesive. It also provides a more solid hold by expanding.

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