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Things to consider before starting a fitness program

Another season is here again and you may be among the millions of people that wish to start another fitness plan. With such a plan, there is a need for you to put in some commitment s that will ensure you achieve the required goal.

You may not have been engaged in any fitness program either for a few months or a year but there are some things you will need to remember before you embark on the new journey of an exercise program.

Make sure to remember the following things so that you will not get fed up with the new fitness program or worse still get the wrong result at the end of the program.

Here are some things you will need to remember before you start a new fitness program.

1. Remember you are not as athletic as you used to be

The first thing to remember is that you are not as athletic as you were 10 to 30 years back. You don’t have that strength and energy you used to have when you were younger.

You should remember that as a teenager, your body is still developing and surges with hormones that make you adapt and even recover easily from the harshest type of training or exercise. At that time, you may think you are following the best fitness program but the truth is that your body could adapt to any kind of training. So, you should remember that what worked and produced results back then may not work now but may even just make things work.

You should start only programs that your body can adapt easily. For those above 50 years of age, light exercises are recommended and the body should not be subjected to too much stress. 

2. Remember that not starting any fitness program at all is better than doing it wrongly

It is better not to do any exercise or fitness program than to start a wrong one. When you do wrong fitness program, instead of you being fit, your body will be stressed out. 

It is important to apply the right techniques when engaging in a fitness program because without which, the result will just be fatal. When doing an exercise, your muscles should be coordinated else it will lead to strain and other pains.

Watching fitness programs and following them may not always be the best idea because it is not every move the trainer does that you can catch. 

It is recommended to start a fitness program with fitness personnel so that he can tell you the right techniques to use. Only start a fitness program only if you are an expert else let a professional handle it for you.

3. Remember your body changes when you challenge it not punish it

When you start a new fitness program after a long time, you should start with light exercise so as to creating the necessary changes. Starting with serious exercises will expose you to the risk of getting injured.

You will only be punishing your body if you engage in strenuous exercise when starting a fitness program because it may lead to the breakdown of your body. 

Ensure you start with mild exercises. When your body starts to adapt to the exercise, you can then increase the tempo but always use only a little effort for your exercises.

4. Remember Exercise is just a stimulus. What changes the body is good to rest and healthy food

Starting a fitness program is one of the steps of being fit and healthy and not the only step. Eating the right food and having sufficient rests are what make the body fresh, strong, fit, and healthy.

There is a need to eat healthy food and have adequate rest after each exercise or training session so that you and be able to recover from the last training session and prepare for the next one.

When you don’t rest adequately, you may fall sick or even wear out because the stress will be much and you may end up not getting to achieve your desired goal.

5. Remember that a fitness program should be taken gradually

You should see the process of getting fit as a marathon race and not a sprint race. Patience is a virtue you must possess when you want to start a fitness program.

Don’t always expect to get the required result of the fitness program instantly. It is a gradual process. Most fitness programs are meant to be engaged in for months or even years before the goal is achieved.

Remember you can’t lose or gain weight overnight; neither can you gain muscles overnight. It comes gradually and with consistency.

We hope you follow these tips and remember the above things before you start a new or another fitness program especially when you have not engaged in any exercise or fitness program for a long time.

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