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Planning a wedding? Things to look our for when choosing a Bartender service

Bartender service

If you’ve taken the bold step of getting married to your longtime love, it is time to start planning on how to make your wedding ceremony a successful and memorable one. Your wedding bar is one of the elements that will make your guests look forward to having a nice time at your wedding. 

It is likely that the first thing you need to plan about your wedding bar is whether it will be an open bar or not before you think of booking your bartending service. At this point, it is important that you know that there are some things you need to put into consideration.

There are two types of bartending service you are to choose from depending on the exact service you’re looking for from them. The two types of bartending service include:

Full-service bartender

A full-service bartending service includes a variety of bar packages depending on your requirements and events that you can choose from. Their services include bartending which comprises serving your guests, cleaning glasses, retrieving and refilling ice, wine, and liquor. They offer a full bar service package.

The full-bartending service package also includes providing glassware, coolers, mixers, and all other bartending equipment. They are practically in charge of all bartending work without necessarily needing your assistance.

Bartender only

In this case, the bartender is only in charge of serving drinks to your wedding guests. The bartender can also decide to help in retrieving or refilling ice cubes and drinks. You will need to provide all the necessary bartending equipment.

What to look for in a wedding bartender

For you to have the best bartending service that you will not regret later, there are some things you need to consider before you hire anyone for your wedding.

The company

The first thing you should check is how professional the bartending company is. You can know this by asking questions and requesting a testimonial from the company. An amateur bartending company may not give you the best you need.

Location of the company

It is advisable to choose a bartending company that is in the city and close to your wedding venue. This is for easy access and to avoid delay before and during the event.

Customer service

You need to also check how quickly the bartending company responds to questions, inquiries, phone calls, and complaints. You don’t need to wait for two days before they respond to you. It is important you also use a company that has good customer care service.

Their wedding cocktail menu

This is one of the most important features of a bartending service company. They should be able to provide bar service according to your specification and preferences. They should also have a variety of drinks you can choose from.

Must have tools for bartenders

Any bartender you are hiring should have the following tools and items

Cocktail shaker: This is an important tool any bartender must-have. Cobbler shaker and Boston shaker are the most popular types.

Mixing glass: it is important to also have a mixing glass for mixing drinks when you have to mix more than one drink.

Bar spoon: it is necessary for stirring drinks.

Strainer: A conical strain is ideal for straining out pips and pulp finely

Citrus peeler: To give your guest a memorable cocktail with a fantastic taste, a citrus peeler is important.

Ice container: Ice shouldn’t be overlooked because it is also important in any bar. Chill drinks are more inviting, so you will need an ice container to store the ice.

Measuring tool: Consistency and accuracy are important when making your drinks so a measuring tool may be handy.

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