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The new Volkswagen Polo Review

The new Volkswagen Polo Review

The new Volkswagen Polo is a small car specifically built for your comfort. It is designed with soft plastics and a range of colorful dashboard trims which are used to brighten up its cabin. The Volkswagen Polo has more room for seat adjustment than other cars in its category. This makes it more comfortable for you to drive.

From the outside, you might look at the Volkswagen Polo as a small car, but it has any space on the inside that guarantees your comfort. The boot of the car is also spacious which makes it an ideal car when you are looking for a small car with enough space.

The Volkswagen Polo is a top choice for those who want a car that is slightly small than the Golf but still very comfortable. To add to its other numerous advantages, it comes as a five-door only instead of the three-door. 

The Volkswagen Polo comes with both petrol and diesel engines with most of them having manual gearboxes. There are some that have the option of an automatic gearbox. The engine has useful extra power and is economical than the basic engine which is helpful when you drive a lot on the motorway.

Another great feature of the new Volkswagen Polo is the kind of brake system it comes with. It has the ability to apply the brakes whenever it senses an obstacle on the way through the use of its automatic emergency braking system.

One noticeable difference between the new Polo and the Old is that most of the components are new. The evidence of technological advancement is seen in the components with new features such as climate control, infotainment screen, and interchangeable powertrains. 

Everything about the new Volkswagen Polo is an advancement of the old version with other technologies like blind-spot monitor, LED headlamps, rear cross-traffic alert, and Wi-Fi hotspot. The TFT active info display is used to replace the instrument cluster. 

The design and styling of the new Volkswagen polo make it different from other similar brands. It has an extended wheelbase of 92mm and a wider body of 69mm with a ubiquitous MQB architecture which gives you a driving experience that is more mature.

Although the exterior looks similar to all mini golfs, there are other sharp creases that make it stand out. The interior is classy with a bright and modern environment used to replace the formal vertically-stacked dashboard.

The new Volkswagen Polo is also built with the safety of its user in mind. It comes with two airbags for both the driver and the front passenger. It also has a door-ajar warning to warn the driver when any door is open while driving. It also features child safety locks. 


Cylinders 3

Power [email protected]

Mileage 14km/Litre

Handbrake Manual

Font and Back Tyres 175/70r14

Wheel Size 175/70r14

Gears 5

Fuel System Injection

Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel

Engine Location Font, Transverse

Doors 5

Seating Capacity 5

Body Type Hatchback

Power Steering Electric Power

Seat Material Polyurethane

Instrument Console Analog and Digital

Clock Digital

Speedometer Analog

Fuel Gauge Digital


The new Volkswagen Polo is a great choice if you are looking for a small car with plenty of technology that gives you a good driving experience. For a car of its size, the space it comes with inside it is something that makes it a tough car to beat. 

The safety of the driver is also guaranteed as it comes with blind-spot monitors and rear traffic alert. With its child safety locks, the safety of your kids is also guaranteed. 

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