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Tips about Immigration Law and Lawyers in Nigeria


Tips about Immigration Law and Lawyers in Nigeria

There are top immigration lawyers that can be found in Nigeria. To get a Nigerian Immigration lawyer is easy when you have the right information but without proper and insufficient information, you may not be able to get an immigration lawyer or you may get the wrong one. Before we tell you where you can get a Nigerian immigration lawyer, there are some things you need to know about immigration law and lawyers in Nigeria.

Immigration Law in Nigeria

The Nigerian immigration law determines whether a person is a foreigner associated with the legal rights, duties, and obligations of the foreigners of the state. It also provides an opportunity for certain foreigners to become citizens of the country with the full rights of citizenship. Immigration law also determines who may enter the country, how long they can stay, and when they must leave.

When foreign nationals enter the country with permission, overstay their visit, or even lose their legal status, immigration law controls all these activities and how proceedings are carried out.

What is the role of an Immigration Lawyer?

The role of an immigration lawyer is in a way unique when compared with other types of lawyers. Most immigration lawyers spend their time helping people who have difficulty in knowing and dealing with immigration requirements.

The role of immigration lawyers is usually that of a counselor or advisor to citizens of foreign countries and immigrants who must interact with Nigerian authorities. They provide guidance and advice for matters such as visa application, naturalization and citizenship, and employment for a non-citizen.

Immigration lawyers don’t spend much time handling civil disputes in courts like other types of lawyers. Instead, they usually act as mediators between immigration authorities and clients. On the other hand, immigration lawyers also make an appearance before immigration judges if their client is facing an immigration hearing. They also handle matters that involve an interaction between immigration and criminal laws.

Situation where hiring an immigration lawyer is necessary

Most people hire an immigration lawyer when they need help in submitting an application for some type of immigration documents such as a green card or visa. This is true especially when the person is unable to understand fully the various requirements under immigration law.

There are certain situations when hiring an immigration lawyer is necessary. They include:

If an applicant has been convicted of a crime: Applicants are always asked if they have been convicted of a crime. The applicants must disclose all their criminal record, even for charges that were expunged. At this point, it is not necessary to hire a criminal lawyer as immigration lawyers are better because they understand how immigration and criminal law overlap.

Prior immigration applications have been denied: An immigration lawyer is able to determine the reason why an application is denied. They can also tell you if there is a possibility for you to appeal the application or to apply again.

If the person has been previously deported or not allowed to enter the country: In most cases, deportation means that the person is barred permanently from future application. An immigration lawyer can provide advice and possible solution on the effect of the deportation.

If an applicant has a medical condition: Some medical conditions (though not all) may prevent a person from obtaining entry into the country. In such a case, an immigration lawyer can give advice and determine if the health condition is really bad enough to prevent the applicant from entering the country.

When an applicant is waiting for a longer time than normal during the application process: Immigration lawyers are familiar with application processes which include the waiting time and deadlines. The lawyer can help the applicant rush the process and ascertain why there is such a delay during the process. 

If the applicant starts an application process but does not know what next to do: There are times applicants may be required to present additional documents to support the applicant’s claim. Working with an immigration lawyer will help the applicant prevent unnecessary delays and also let the applicant knows all the documents that will be required of him.

How to get a Nigerian Immigration Lawyer

There are several ways you can get immigration lawyers in Nigeria. Here are a few ways you can use to get the desired one of your choice.

Search the Internet: the Internet is one place where you can get any information you wish to get through any internet-enabled device. You can do a Google search on an immigration lawyer. You can also look for a legal blog or website, new stories featuring any immigration lawyer. The lawyer you will look out for should be the type that dedicates almost all of his practice to immigration matters.

Contact the state office of Court Administration: Another way you can get an immigration lawyer in Nigeria is when you contact the state office of court administration. You will be told all you need to know about the lawyer. When he or she started the practice or whether he or she is of good character and has a record of disciplinary actions.

Ask Around: You can ask around you what people know about any immigration lawyer. You can ask from a circle of friends or family members. You can also ask from law firms too.

Where to get Nigerian Immigration Lawyer

There are many places where you can get immigration lawyers in Nigeria. We will list a few below.

1. Bam and Gad Solicitor: This is a general civil and business law firm located in Lagos in Nigeria. Their practices include immigration law, family law, and alternative dispute resolution. You can reach them on www.bamandgadsolicitors.com.ng

2. Resolution Law Firm: This firm represents clients from all over Nigeria. They are into commercial law, immigration law, and general law. They have offices in Lagos and Abuja. Their website is resolutionlawng.com

3. 1st Attorney: This is a Nigerian law firm that comprises lawyers, barristers, attorneys, advocates, and agents who practice the various types of laws including immigration law. They are located in Lagos and their website is 1stattorneys.com

4. Elesinmogun & Egwuatu: This is an international law firm with offices in Lagos and Washington D.C USA. They offer services in both domestic and international arenas. You can check www.eandelawyers.com to know all about their practices.

5. Goldsmiths Solicitors: Goldsmiths Solicitors is a full-service Nigerian commercial law firm with its headquarters in Lagos. They are into different types of law in Nigeria. Their official website is www.goldsmithsllp.com

6. T & A Legal: This an innovative commercial law firm based in different parts of the country, they specialize in real estate and construction, government and public sector, immigration laws, and retail operations. 

7. Lex Artifex LLP: Lex Artifex is an international law firm located in Uyo that specializes in corporate finance and business law, Immigration law, and they are also a consulting agency.

As said earlier, there are many places you can get Nigerian immigration lawyers. We have been able to mention just a few out of the member. All you need do is to make research and you will get a good immigration lawyer who will help you solve any immigration problem you may find yourself in.

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