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Tips on how to build a house on a tight budget

Tips on how to build a house on a tight budget

Building a house is something most people view to be very expensive or something you will even need to borrow money when you are on a tight budget. The truth is you do not really need to go into any debt before you build your own house.

There are things you need to put into consideration when you want to build a nice house but at an affordable amount. The level of discipline you exercise during the building process is very important and your involvement also will go a long way to ensure that things are done accordingly and without much waste of resources.

Here are tips on how to build a house on a tight budget. These tips will help you cut costs when building a house and also ensure that there is no unnecessary waste of money and resources.


As a popular saying goes – “if you want to plan to fail, then fail to plan”. This also applies to building a house, especially when you are building on a low budget. To build a house on a tight budget, your planning process must be very detailed and done in a good time.

This stage should involve developing a realistic budget, estimation, and expert service you can afford. You should consult with an expert in your planning because an expert can help you with a design that suits your budget. Since he knows you are building on a budget, he will be able to cut out some not too important spaces like the garage.

You should also go out to get a quotation from different suppliers of the materials needed for the building. This way you will be able to get the best prices you can work it. When budgeting for building materials, it is important to ensure that your desire to cut costs does not affect the quality of materials.


You save a lot of money when you get the right design for your house. You will have to work with the right architect to achieve this. At this point, you should time your time to search for the right architect that will understand what you want and the budget involved.

You will need to pay for the services of an architect but there are benefits attached when you engage an expert in your design and building process. Since the architect knows your budget, he will keep everything simple which will cut costs.


Building a very big house on a low budget is not realistic. You will have to spend more than your budget if you wish to build a big house. Your budget should determine the kind of house you wish to build. You don’t really need up to 7 or 8 bedrooms when you are working with a slim budget. 

When building on a tight budget, you may decide to give attention to some rooms than you do to others. This means that some parts of the house will get a better finishing than others. For instance, you can decide to give your living room and kitchen more superior interior finishing compared to other places like the bedroom and bathrooms that can have modest finishing.

Another way to keep it simple is when you use ceramic tiles for your bathrooms and bedrooms instead of marble finishing which are more expensive. For lighting, you can use modest fixtures for your living room and dining room while you just use plain fixtures for your bedroom and other parts of the house.


Engaging experts is very important when building a house with a low budget. You will surely pay them for their services but they will in turn ensure that you do not spend more than necessary when building the house.

A certified contractor is bound to have good suppliers and workers who can be trusted to help you achieve your goal of cutting costs to its barest minimum. You will also have better deals from suppliers when you use a certified contractor when purchasing the building materials.

They will also help you to put the resources into good use by avoiding unnecessary waste of the resources. They will also ensure that avoidable mistakes do not occur. Costly mistakes are one of the reasons why you may spend unnecessarily because you will need to re-fix when the damages are done.


Monitoring the building process is just as important as planning. You shouldn’t take anything for granted. Ensure you monitor every stage as the work progresses. The reason for this is to ensure that the materials and services you paid for are precisely what you are being offered.

It is okay to always make the funds readily available but don’t just assume that everything would be taken care of. Always check to be sure that the materials are delivered as at when due and every material is used for the purpose for which it was purchased.

Monitoring is crucial to ensure that the construction work doesn’t deviate unreasonably from the estimated cost. This also ensures that the building is done according to your taste and agreement with the contractor. 


Buying accessories and furniture for your interior should be wisely done. Your goal is to build a house on a low budget, so you must understand that it is not compulsory to buy new furniture and fixtures from expensive showrooms in big areas. Instead, you can focus on moving in with the furniture and accessories you have already. You can then start buying new furniture when you have settled and have the money for such a luxury.

It is important to make a list of all the accessories you will need in the house before you even shop for them at all. Check out their cost to see if they are within your budget. You can also compare prices from different shops to know which is best for you.


It is important to pay special attention to your living expenses if you really want to build a house on a tight budget. You can consider moving to a cheaper house so that you can save more money instead of paying high rents. 

You should know that even though you have made adequate plans and preparation, there may be unexpected expenses that you may not have budgeted for. So, you can make do with the money you have saved by cutting your personal expenses.

When building a house on a tight budget, every single penny that you can possibly commit to the project is very important and will go a long way to make it become successful.

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